Much more friendly members than deviantART

theOtaku may have admittedly slowed down, which I believe is due to the emergence of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Because of this, I tend to spend more time on deviantART these days.

If there’s one thing I’m still proud about theOtaku, though, it’s that the site is home to the friendliest group of members I’ve ever encountered. deviantART pales in comparison to the friendly and warm atmosphere that I feel everytime I come on over to theOtaku. You don’t feel too threatened or uncomfortable in theOtaku, since the members are usually there to cheer things up or to pacify the situations.

And that is why I’m proud to have been part for so many years already. If only the site would experience a resurgence, it would be great to see it.

Hi everyone!

Submissions are still open, guys! We haven’t received anything in a long time, keep them coming!

The site’s header/artwork banner is cute, though I don’t think it was the best entry from all the contest submissions.

Anonymous said: (Confession) I like theO but it's too bad the e-cards and wallpapers are from zerochan or other unsourced art that may be stolen or from artists from Pixiv or another site who may not want their works to be used

Thank you for the confession! 

However, when you want to confess, select the Submit Here! link at the bottom of the blog. In fact, I’ll change it to “Confess Here!” to clear things up better :) Sorry for the confusion :)

Welcome to The Otaku Confessions!

The Otaku is a Community of Creative Anime Fans! On TheO, everyone shares their artwork to there fellow Otakus! They include Wallpapers, FanArt, eCards, Quizzes, and FanComics. 

I made this blog to see how the Community works. Have something to get off your chest? Is there an Artist you feel needs more attention than they get? Well This is the place for you!

For those who do not know about The Otaku, please visit the site! 

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